Start your child on the right path from Day 1.

Open a Savings Account

Most banks make it easy to transfer money into a savings account on a regular basis—you can even start before your baby arrives. Think of it as your go-to fund for supplies and surprises.

Modify Insurance Coverage

First, add your newborn to your health plan. Then, make sure your life insurance policy includes your growing family. Next, update beneficiary designations on 401(k)s and IRAs.

Create an Estate Plan

No matter how old you are, plan to protect your family and assets. Update your will and trusts, and put in writing who will take care of your child if you’re not around.

Start a College Fund

Yes, college may be 18 years away, but starting to save early is the key. Take a look at tax-advantaged investment options—such as a 529 plan—and make regular contributions.

Contact your financial advisor to help you take the first steps
to securing your child’s financial future.