Provided by NJCPA.

The New Jersey Division of Taxation has confirmed that taxpayers will not be required to provide driver’s license numbers on their paper or electronic New Jersey tax forms during the 2017 filing season. It will remain optional to provide that information. However, be aware that certain tax software programs may still require this information as an added security/identification measure.

The Division of Taxation states that if taxpayers choose not to provide their driver’s license numbers, they won’t be penalized and their filing will not be stalled. Likewise, if taxpayers do choose to provide their driver’s license numbers, their tax returns will not be processed any faster.

While driver’s license numbers could become mandatory for taxpayers in the state of New Jersey eventually, the Division is still seeking additional authentication methods in the fight against ID theft and tax fraud.

UPDATE – 12/22/16:
Pro-Series users: There is an error in Pro-Series regarding the driver’s license fields. Per the State of New Jersey, on the Identity Verification Worksheet, you should check the box “no ID” and leave the remaining driver’s license fields blank. Pro-Series has been notified of the error.

UPDATE – 1/10/17:
Per the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance:

Beginning with 2016 e-filed returns, taxpayers will be required to submit a driver’s license number or state issued ID number through their software when they e-file their return. This requirement applies to Licenses/IDs issued from any state.

If the taxpayer has either a Driver’s License or State Issued ID then provide the following:

  • License/ID number
  • Issuing State
  • Issue Date
  • Expiration Date

If the ID is a NYS ID then they have to also provide the Document Number from the ID in the StateIssuedPIN field in the Authentication Header. They must also indicate whether this number belongs to the Prime or Joint Taxpayer.

If the taxpayer has no license or State issued ID then they can select the box indicating they have no ID. Note: If they select this option, but it is found they have a Drivers License/State ID on file it could delay the processing of their refund.

What if I am a non-resident, or the ID is not from New York State?

You would still need to enter all the above information on the e-filed return, you would however not need to enter the Document number anywhere.